Why is it so hard to fully live our creative best?

You must activate the energy of your heart to connect with your unlimited creativity

Creativity is one of the most useful tools when it comes to facing new challenges, as it opens a wide range of solutions in front of us. Today, with the never-ending obligations and commitments we face, we must be super creative to get the most out of our time, reclaiming spaces to care for our families, take care of our health, work, cultivate our spirituality, socialize, have fun, and rest.

History shows that human beings have developed our creative capacity and ability to change and adapt, during the most critical times, when facing challenges for which we seem not to have any solutions, or when the world changes so fast that it seems not to even allow us a pause to breathe.

We can see crises as opportunities that invite us for a change in trajectory, and we can embrace them as invitations to operate in a different way than what we used to. It’s part of our human experience to experience stress when facing crises, and to go through moments in which we cannot think very clearly. When our minds are focused on an imperfect past or a feared future, it means that we are living most of the time stressed or anxious, and in such conditions, creativity does not flow. We plunge into a state of disturbance that does not bring clarity but confusion.

A key to moving forward in these moments of contraction and imbalance, is to connect with the energies of the heart, which allows us to operate at the best version of ourselves, resourceful, innovative, wise and empowered. Let’s see how to do it. Beyond practicing a technique, this is about making choices and adopting new ways of living: an invitation to build healthy mental and emotional habits.

One major step towards connecting with the energies of the heart is to train our minds to stay in the NOW, supported by conscious breathing. When our mind is not in the present moment, but anchored in reliving and re-experiencing unhappy episodes of the past, or anticipating imaginary traumatic situations of an inexistent future, it activates a chemical reaction that directly affects our physical body, with not very positive consequences in the long run.

A challenge in our busy day is to live in such a present moment awareness, that with no major effort, we can focus our mind not to turn to past experiences, or to project non-existent future events. Focusing only in the present facilitates our connection with creativity, and with that, multiple options will appear as solutions for the challenging situation we may be going through.

Activities that are repetitive such as eating, playing sports, bathing, or tidying up the house, can serve as a setting for practicing states of relaxation and meditation. Eating fruit can be done in a space of consciousness such, that you can connect with your intuition and receive information that you did not perceive when you were operating in automatic. For example, if you focus your mind on the texture of the fruit, the intensity of the colors, and the flavor, you will keep your awareness fully in the present. You may be surprised as to how this works: imagine that you have to find a solution to your financial situation, and that you have been trying for hours to find it and yet, you cannot see it. You can then decide to take a break, stand up to enjoy eating your fruit, and either in that moment of pause, or immediately after, you will notice a change in your mental focus and the possible appearance of options that were not present before.

A key here is to STOP! And this can perhaps be the most difficult to accomplish today, as we rush from one activity to another, pressured to perform and produce.

Some parents tell me that during the time they have to do their work, when they cannot find clarity or seem not to be moving forward, they decide to stop and play for a moment with their young children. After these pauses, they go back to their work tasks and find that this space has served to unblock the mind and give way to new ideas.

What pause can you afford TODAY? Are you willing to truly listen to the voice of your intuition and your heart? In a precious pause, you can find those well-sought after solutions to your most pressing concerns. He who has eyes, let him see, and he who has ears, let him hear.



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