Seek for the learning hidden in the present moment, to start manifesting your dreams

Accepting that whatever happens to us is perfect the way it is, can be challenging when we resist seeing what the present moment invites us to.

We can make many plans about what we will do today, this week, this month or next one, or perhaps on what we want to happen to us next year. Planning is important, but being open to what happens to us day by day, and flow with what is present, can be even more revealing.

In every step of our way, it may not be possible for us to see the whole panorama, and that can generate discomfort. Our vision may feel limited. There are threads that seem to be woven into a higher purpose or plan. Did you ever think that you would spend a lot of your time at home this year? Did you ever think that a pandemic would hit the world during your lifetime? That the economy would stop, and that digital communications would be the gift that would allow us to be closer to our loved ones?

Constant growth and expansion, a different way of traveling

Traveling through life with the intention of growing, expanding, and evolving can bring new questions: What is the best path? Am I doing the right thing? And what happens if the circumstances change once again tomorrow?

When we enter a state of anxiety about the future to come, we are getting a clue that we are not allowing ourselves to live life from the true self. Living from this true-self space translates into experiencing life with a deep sense of meaning. Allowing for our true self to become more fully present, we will enjoy our journey experiencing freedom, joy, enthusiasm, and love for others and for us. In short, we will walk in expansion and growth.

In this expansiveness, and when faced with challenges, we will achieve a greater capacity for focus and for moving forward with perseverance. The side product is an attitude of trust, not only in ourselves but in life itself. We will feel at peace and confident, regardless of external conditions. This does not mean that walking in this space implies that we will not experience ups and downs. We are human! What changes is not the type of experiences we face but the way we travel. And this attitude comes from within, not from external conditions. Therefore, where is the opportunity to live a life of expansion? How do you get there? They key resides in paying attention to what is going on inside your own self.

The tricks of the false-self

How many times, in the presence of challenges, we tell ourselves that we are not good enough? This false belief, which usually comes from events that occurred in our childhood that we may not even remember, can be ingrained in us to the point where we feel unable to achieve our most desired goals, yet we cannot see what is exactly going on. At other times, it just comes to us as thought forms where we feel like we don’t have enough, or we don’t have what it takes to accomplish our dreams. This is how the false-self acts, convincing us of all the reasons why we cannot achieve what we desire, or why we do not have what is required, limiting our immense creative power.

In this sense, challenges and crises represent a unique opportunity: by observing what we feel and think, and by paying attention to the voice that speaks to us, within us. If we learn how to maneuver them to our advantage, we can finally unmask the falsehoods that have been lodged in our way of thinking.

Turning challenges into experiences for growth

In the face of crises, we have two options: the option of going through them, turning our life experiences into growth and wisdom, or the option of refusing to see what truly hides behind them. Many times, the greatest learning is hidden in our own patterns of behavior and behind actions of which we are not even aware. How can we then learn from something we are not even aware of?

The answer is simple, yet challenges you to stay awake as an observer of your own life: our life challenges become a compass to get ourselves out of the pattern. When we have lodged in our subconscious a toxic pattern, or low self-esteem, or not feeling confident enough to go through our hurdles, we will continue to attract situations and people into our lives that will push us face to face with those contraction patterns.

We may blame someone else for what happens to us, or point our finger to the economy, or to our politicians, not realizing that what is actually happening is that we are being presented again with a blockade to finally see that false perception or belief that we formed in childhood. The opportunity is to observe what happens to us, especially at challenging times, with a compassionate gaze. A gaze that is willing to go inside to extract falsehoods and accept them. Accepting them does not mean that we are in agreement with them, it means that once they are seen, we are willing to release them and replace them with new beliefs that lead to positive change. In this new interior scenario, healing is taking place, and we will be preparing the soil for the manifestation of our dreams.


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