Keys for an Abundant Life While Going Through a Crisis

We can resist our new normal, or use that energy to uncover the available opportunities.

When circumstances change around us, depending on the way we see life, we can go through them as a crisis or as a valuable opportunity. Living with a consciousness of scarcity is seeing the glass as half empty. We feel that life happens to us, letting the external environment determine our present and future. However, it is possible to live in an abundant consciousness, one where we see the glass full: a place from which we take responsibility and do not allow obstacles to stop us. On the contrary, we face them, go through them and make decisions to create our reality. We become co-creators of our environment.

Where do you stand in this historical moment that humanity is going through?

Abundance begins within us.

We have all been created with wonderful gifts and talents and unlimited potential, but many times we are not aware of everything we possess, or how to use it. As a parallelism, if someone asks for a glass of water and you don’t know how much liquid is left in the dark-colored jug next to you, your only option is to get up and open the jug to see how much water there is. Without having the information of what is inside, you cannot see how much you can give.

This is what may happen to us. We may even think that we do not have enough to achieve what we want, or to give to others. But the reality is that everything we need to succeed and thrive, already resides within us. If we do not recognize all the power we carry within, and from there, make the changes that will lead us to what we dream of, the fulfilling life we want will seem far-fetched or utterly impossible to realize.

So the question is: How do we connect to our abundance within? How do we become aware of all that power that we carry inside?

We connect with our abundance when we are expanding.

When we talk about being in expansion, we refer to living with an attitude of responsibility, empowerment and absolute trust. We deliberately decide to move away from the state of contraction, the one that manifests when we feel a victim of the circumstances, when we only see limitations, lack and we are dominated by fear. The state of expansion invites us to be permanently vigilant to our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, allowing us to uncover behind them that enormous creative force that inhabits us.

Can you be free or expanding in times of greater isolation? Definitely! Freedom, as with abundance, is manifested by an inner state more than by external conditions. Our own minds can lead us to feel absolutely confined, or lead us to feel in paradise. Depending on how much aware we are of our thoughts, and how we direct them in a direction that supports our expansion and growth, we may feel confined or free, regardless of the external circumstances.

The power of imagination and visualization cannot be underestimated: when we visualize our goals in detail, connected with our five senses, our unconscious mind does not distinguish if that something is actually happening or not. Therefore, we can imagine our desired future reality, feeling it with our fives senses and experiencing it as if it were happening right now. This simple technique, when coupled with an elevating emotion, like gratitude or love, can start bringing change to our lives. There is great power in visualization, as well as in being fully present and aware of this one moment right now, as in this one moment, we can create the space to connect with our inner creative force.

Our body can also be a vehicle to initiate expansion, and it does so when we place our attention on our breathing. Through slower and more conscious breathing, we can direct our awareness and focus to the present moment, becoming more vigilant, and letting life flow through us.

Acceptance is the doorway to uncover the opportunities.

Traveling through life in this state of continuous forward movement is possible, if we cooperate with that inner force that inhabits us, and we let it express itself through us.

One of the first practical steps to move in this way on a day-to-day basis is an attitude of acceptance. When we are in acceptance, we do not judge the circumstances or the results, but we recognize the learning that challenges offer for our growth and evolution, letting go of what is not useful, including guilt, resentment, or any other negativity, and keeping what gives us value.

From this place of acceptance and calm, or expansiveness, we no longer resist what bothers us or what we don’t necessarily like or feel comfortable with, such as the state of greatest confinement or social distancing that we are experiencing, because we recognize that everything that happens around us provides us meaningful information that can allow us to find opportunities in chaos. We invite you to observe your life today and practice accepting everything that happens around you and within you, with the intention of discovering the opportunities that are present.


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