Let’s stop paying the steep price of living our lives on automatic

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein.

Quite often, we may experience events and results that are not what we expected. If we had the opportunity to have a dialogue with a younger version of ourselves, perhaps we would find a less conditioned and a freer version of who we are today, who would ask us: “What happened to the dreams and the feeling of freedom that we had back then?” And the answer may surprise us: “I don’t know what happened. For some time, I thought that what I wanted to achieve was on my way, but then life happened and got me… ”.

Over our lifetimes, we become increasingly conditioned, and we get used to thinking and feeling in a certain way, even without realizing it. From that inner experience, the results will always manifest in the same way. Einstein described it this way: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we crated them”, which means that we must move towards a new personal version of who we are, if we are to create a different reality from the one we currently live in. In other words, we need to think and feel differently. At this point, it is worth asking ourselves: “What is it that I really want to feel, experience and achieve in my life, that I am have not, until now?” Pause for a moment and think about it!

You may sometimes feel that you’ve been playing it safe, letting life push you around. You may realize that you have been procrastinating the decisions and actions that perhaps would lead you closer to your dreams. Or, you may notice that you became increasingly risk-adverse to taking on new adventures, because of the disappointments of past efforts that did not land the expected results. You may even be tired of following what others think is best for you, silencing that voice inside that has been screaming for a while now, saying that there is something more for you in this life, something that fills you with meaning.

Breaking through this inertia will imply leaving your comfort zone, going beyond what you have known up until today. So, how do we take this step safely without causing further distress?

A starting point is to choose to live with increased awareness of the thoughts and emotions we experience every day. How many times do we walk through life without giving ourselves the space to listen to our own thoughts and emotions? We allow life to continue running automatically, without realizing that this is exactly what is leading us into experiences and events that are very far away from our own fulfillment, repeating the same results over and over again. When we feel guilt, anger, sadness, anxiety or any other contracting emotion, we begin to get into toxic patterns and behaviors that lead us into unbalanced situations. In other words, we feel so bad, that we tint our thinking with additional contraction, keeping ourselves in a cycle that only produces unsatisfactory results.

A key factor here, then, is to fine-tune our inner communication, and to be connected with what happens inside of us in the face of stimuli from what surrounds us, observing with more clarity and awareness what we say to ourselves and what goes through our minds. A second step, is making the decision to reprogram our thinking, replacing contracting thoughts with expanding ones, and combining them with uplifting emotions such as gratitude, peace, and trust.

From this new place where we no longer live automatically, but with greater awareness of the present moment, we can direct our thoughts and emotions towards creating the reality we dream of. We will then go through the unavoidable challenges with a new perspective, full of enthusiasm for the learning that we will get out of each of our experiences. In this space, the mind operates differently, opening us to a space where we take daily action walking towards what we really want to do in our lives, even if this requires embracing new habits, and the patience to explore routes hitherto unknown by ourselves.

Here, I invite you to think: What is the smallest step that I can take TODAY to go from where I am to where I want to be? How can I create the space within myself, to connect even more with what is happening inside me, to start making changes? Remember: when you really want something, and you align your inner world to achieve it, your imagination will find a way to make it happen.


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