Detect your Energy Drains to Stay on Track With Your Dreams

If you tune in to what is happening in you, you will detect these energy drains or imbalances as soon as they start, and avoid going to the extreme of life stopping you and forcing you to make an adjustment.

Leaking tires may go undetected, until at some point we start losing balance, and eventually, we are prevented from moving forward. It becomes necessary to make a stop to repair the tire, make the necessary adjustments and then get back on track. This is what may happen to us in life, particularly when we face situations that we cannot resolve, and that disturb our mind with incessant, repetitive, negative or contractive thoughts.

Many times, these thought pattens begin in a fleeting way, and without us noticing, they gradually lodge in our minds, ready to take us out of the present moment, generating states of stress or anxiety. When we realize it, we have already fallen into imbalance and our body reveals it in one way or another. In the most extreme cases, life stops us altogether, so that we can make the adjustments that are necessary to return to balance.

Is the imbalance necessary to adjust what needs adjustment? Let’s just say that it is part of being human. It is normal to experience a little loss of stability as we go through various kinds of experiences and terrains. That is when the whole body makes the necessary adjustments to maintain balance. Just as cycling requires physical adjustments depending on the terrain you travel on, life invites us to make adjustments according to the circumstances we go through.

If our lives have been more focused on career or work, leaving aside the cultivation of relationships and of our inner world, sooner or later we will receive a signal that will catch our attention, warning us that we have lost our balance. What’s important is to be tuned in with what is happening in us, to detect these energy leaks or imbalances as soon as they begin, and avoid going to the extreme of life stopping us to force us to make an adjustment.

How to find your energy drains

It all begins by observing what causes you concern. What does cause stress to your body and mind, and takes away your peace? What do you think about on a frequent basis, trying to find a solution and not succeeding to identifying it? One of the keys to be more aware of energy drains is to stand back and observe with neutrality, recognizing and beginning to let go of what keeps us in contraction.

If, on the contrary, we focus our attention on the events incessantly and almost obsessively, this will only direct more of our energy there, losing focus on other aspects of life that are also important, and ultimately, also impacting those areas that were in balance. Our attitude is then tinted with negativity, limitations, scarcity, fear. Under these conditions, there can be no progress or expansion. You feel tied up, lacking, unable to find a solution.

In general, all of this contraction hides something larger, which is usually guilt or regrets towards an event in the past. And as if we could go back in time, we keep on incessantly thinking about all the possible scenarios and how we should have or could have acted. We can even convince ourselves that since we have not been able to solve the situation before, much less are we going to resolve it in the present. When then see a bleak future for our projects, and we feel powerless.

Tuning in with our bodies and our emotions, and being willing to observe what happens to us from a place as neutral as possible, recognizing that the past cannot be changed, that the future does not yet exist, and that all we have is the present moment is it full, unlimited potential, is key to initiate change.

The pandemic has come to throw us an even bigger challenge

As if it were not enough to deal with our own minds and feelings, our concerns and unresolved issues, this pandemic has exposed the reality of many homes. Now everything is in the same physical space, happening at the same time and intensifying the imbalances that already existed.

How do we manage to regain our balance, when we are now in charge of some areas of our lives that previously demanded a little less of our attention? Could it be that life is stopping us, so that we can equalize attention and regain balance in all areas of our lives? And in that sense, can there be a scenario that integrates all the important areas of our life with balance, to experience abundance at all levels? The answer is yes.

Conscious Abundance

We can experiment with a change in our attitude, one that is full of confidence not only in ourselves, but confidence in the natural flow of life in the present. That means letting go of the past and not worrying excessively about the future, and instead, being open to accepting what is present every day, even – and here comes the challenge – when this does not agree with our plans.

Resisting is the exact opposite. It is wanting to control things, forcing life to happen our way, and this is where the energy leak intensifies.

There are certain events or stages in our lives that arise for our growth and expansion. After going through these stages, we are not the same again. A new version has taken place. We are ready to continue our growth and expansion. We no longer feel like we are starting from scratch towards the next level or challenge. There is simply another consciousness in us now. We know that there is something higher in us, with which we enter into communion in the present; connecting with the infinite abundance to which we have been called. An abundance that is there. Each crisis only comes to remove the obstacles that have not allowed us to manifest it in our reality.


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