Bilingual MANIFIESTA series launch: for and because of YOU

I have so much to share…I wish you can give me 3 minutes of your time. Not for me, but for YOU!

First, allow me to super briefly share my journey: born in a rural town in Argentina, I became the first female in my family to graduate from College while working full time to help finance my 2 degrees, became the first to pursue a corporate career, the first to move to the US and obtain an MBA from Dartmouth, and more…

You may be wondering: “Valeria, what does this have to do with me?”

Yes, this impacts you. I learned to manifest what I wanted in my life, DESPITE THE BARRIERS. And it was not because I am a genius or have a secret formula. There are practical, tangible tools and techniques that have helped me, and that have helped many high performers, athletes, and accomplished people…

Problem is, not all of them are willing to take the time to share what they learned with you. BUT I AM. Why? Because if YOU move forward, WE ALL DO.  

Also, some of these tools have not been shared because they are about BEING and not only about DOING, and up until today it has taken too much energy to explain to people the importance of BEING in a world that does not want to stop doing and doing. You may even wonder “How will BEING help me make more money, have better relationships, and feel accomplished and happy?” Well…you shall see!

I’m here because I embraced my mission of helping women and minorities manifest their full potential. I have supported more than 500 Hispanic business owners and professionals in the last few years, with actual results. I have listened to people from more than 15 countries, to understand what keeps them stuck and to create solutions.

As we go into winter in the US, and the pandemic will keep us home, we will have more time to PAUSE and learn something NEW. We will focus, not on the barriers, but on the OPPORTUNITY.

Starting in December, I will launch the MANIFIESTA series. I will be sharing with you what I have learned, tested and refined during 3 decades, so that you can be INTENTIONAL about the life you want and deserve.

The MANIFIESTA series include bilingual blog articles, audios, videos, and other tools. And most important, I will invite you to take action, a micro-step, every time. Because life is not created tomorrow, but in this very moment!

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