Be thankful for your challenges: they are the key to your authentic growth

We need noise to value the peaceful silence, and a dark night to appreciate the rebirthing dawn.

Our human life is filled with challenges and hurdles, and there may only be a few days when we do not face uncomfortable situations, events outside our comfort zone, or when we feel at the threshold of emotional pain. Challenges are part of the human experience and are truly inevitable.

It’s interesting to observe how some people manage to be happy regardless of the environment around them, and others do not. What does that depend on? It depends on our inner environment. We can be surrounded by a blue sky, a true paradise on earth, and still live in hell, or, on the contrary, we can live in precarious conditions, or face multiple challenges, and still live in a state of joy and happiness.

One of the happiest men in the world lives in India amid conditions of extreme poverty and a job with high physical demands. The reason why he lives in “heaven” is that he takes the time to appreciate everything around him. He places great value on his family’s love, his children’s displays of affection upon returning home after a hard day’s work, his warm food on the table each day, and a roof over her head each night. Gratitude, which is one of the most elevated emotions a human being can experience, invites us to stay connected with our inner environment. And from that place of expansión, we can maintain happiness and joy without external conditions determining our state of mind.

At times we fail to experience gratitude and stay fully present in the “here and now” because our minds keep us anchored to old patterns that prevent us from enjoying what we live. The past can come to have power over us if we allow old experiences to stain our reality. The mind is very powerful and can remove us from our connection with our internal environment, dragging us into a sea of thoughts associated with past or future situations, which can make us feel miserable and distressed.

The value of contrast and change as a constant

A great symphony can be harmonic to our ears, not only for the value of the notes that compose it, but also for the silences that separate them. Sound is necessary to enjoy silence. A dark night will allow us to appreciate the dawn. Therefore, if contrast allows us to appreciate and give meaning to opposites, why not also give value to the challenges that bring strong storms and turbulence to our lives? We can then understand the value of peace and tranquility. The same laws of the universe show us the constant change that it experiences. The universe is in a continuous state of change. It never stops. In the same way, the challenges that are presented to us every day do not stop, and trying to prevent them from happening is not only impossible, but also represents a significant waste of energy.

And in general, it is in the most turbulent times of change, what some call crisis, where the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution occur. Analyze the history and you will realize that crises have brought back the seed of a great evolutionary advance, the evidence of a change in trajectory. So, if the crisis has knocked on your door at different stages of your life, welcome it. It is a beautiful way in which life invites us to continue evolving, continually being reborn to new versions of ourselves.


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