Success Stories

Success Stories

This workshop invited me to observe more of what goes on around me, communicate better, value silence, better understand the point of view of others for better harmony, and above all, listen to my inner voice. I am very happy to have taken these workshops during this time of crisis. Amazing, reflective exercises. We live in a busy routine where we usually listen to everyone except ourselves. Valeria adds huge value through this workshop!


These workshops have cleared my mind, helped me understand what is happening in my life, where I am blocked, and where I have to work to overcome those obstacles. Thank you for everything you do and what you transmit in your classes with that great energy!


Valeria motivates with her passion around these principles that changed her life, and inspires with her masterful handling of the knowledge she presents throughout these sessions. And above all, she ensures that we take action consistently and easily, in micro-steps. Motivation and knowledge are of little use if we do not take action here and now, and that is what we did in this workshop.

This workshop will change the lives of many quickly, and will bring healing and prosperity in all aspects of the life of those who decide to undertake this wonderful adventure with Valeria.


These workshops have helped me to better know myself, and to love myself as I am, understanding that I can improve, and that every day I have the opportunity to create a better version of myself.