Success Stories

Success Stories

As part of our DEI education efforts, the Red Cross New Jersey Region invited Valeria to speak about the impact of COVID-19 on diverse groups and how it is amplifying previous inequities.  She took our time together a step further and offered resilience tips to my team, teaching us to look for signs of physical, emotional or mental imbalance in our own lives that may be a result of stress at this time. Her advice on taking “micro steps” to improve habits and behaviors supercharged my team to engage in self-empowerment at a point in our lives where many feel powerless. I highly recommend Valeria’s approach!

Rosie Taravella, Regional CEO, The American Red Cross of New Jersey,

The Conscious Abundance workshop is the deepest and most effective program I have ever experienced in my life in the area of ​​personal improvement. This program has the perfect balance of content and techniques, wonderfully easy to implement, that allowed me to successfully navigate the depths of my paradigms, creating radical and very rapid changes in my life.

This workshop is different from all others. It is about taking action: a conscious and positive action.

Hugo, owner of Pacha Yoga,

Valeria is a visionary who has offered incredible support to me personally, as well as a business owner. Her organization has helped me expand and absorb new concepts and leadership skills. I would recommend Valeria Aloe and Alpha Quest consulting for any business person who wants to not only learn practical ways to bring their business to the next level, but also master the psychological and spiritual aspects of envisioning themselves on that higher plane.

Monica, owner of Stumpy's,

A workshop filled with simple, practical and easy-to-apply tools, both in your already operational business, or in the business you have not dared to start yet.

A charming facilitator, Valeria provided practical and everyday examples, that encouraged us to go deeper, analyzing our lives, and allowing us to recognize and discover the small steps that are necessary to achieve that success we long for.

Adrine, business consultant,