If you are an immigrant or minority, your opportunities are coming. Are you ready?

The world as we knew it has changed, and it will never, ever be the same. One of the major blessings hidden underneath the huge challenge that COVID-19 has represented for our families, community, economies, countries, and the entire planet, is that our mindsets have started to shift.

There is some sort of collective awakening taking place, in which non-minority individuals are becoming truly empathic with the realities and experiences of minorities and immigrants. And many of them are ready to take action, true action towards inclusion of others. Many are willing to walk the walk, become true allies, and be part of the change that we collectively desire and dream of. Are we supporting this change from deep within ourselves?

It is our responsibility to reconnect with who we truly are

We are born with unlimited potential and limitless possibilities, and as we grow up, we go through experiences that start to shape who we think we are, and what we think we are here to do. We start layering that potential with conditioning that innocently keeps us in a relative comfort zone, in a zone that limits the pain and fear we imagine we may be exposed to, but that also limits our true power to create and manifest.

Besides, we inadvertently start accepting cultural and family beliefs as radical truths, and we subconsciously allow those to dictate what is possible for us, who we are, and what we can achieve in this lifetime.

What we are witnessing now is a massive awakening towards rediscovering who we truly are. We are starting to acknowledge that money for the sake of a number, power, titles, and connections do not define our worth any longer, and we are realizing that we are valuable just for who we are, for our precious human essence, and for our commitment to contributing our talents to better our families, communities, and workplaces.

In order for real and lasting change to take place, each one of us, immigrants and minorities, must look within and find our own worth first, for the world to reflect it back to us.

Look within you and ask yourself: Am I ready for the NEXT normal?

We are witnessing the labor pains of the rebirth of this world into a more inclusive one, where opportunities will eventually be available to all despite race, heritage, gender, or country of origin. To mention just one example, some companies are already announcing increased efforts to support minorities and immigrants and are allocating their budgets behind that idea. Sooner or later, the opportunities for us will come.

At the threshold of this amazing change that is now imminent, I invite you to ask yourself:

Do I feel that I DESERVE?

Do I feel that I BELONG?

Do I feel that I am EQUAL?

As a Latina immigrant who came to the US almost two decades ago, it took me at least fifteen years to feel that I belong here, and to call this country home. It took a serious rediscovering of who I truly am, going beyond my heritage, my degrees, how I look, and what I think I am here do to and achieve, to embrace myself, my inner power and my worthiness, and from that place, create the opportunities that I deserve because I AM equal and I FEEL equal.

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, history is giving you the unique opportunity to take the time to identify your blocks to success, to uncover the limiting ancestral beliefs that no longer serve you, and to listen for one last time to those stories you believed about who you are and what is possible for you.

It starts with you, deep inside of you, and not outside of you. And once you have fully embraced your true value and worthiness, because of who you are, and not because of what you have done or not done, achieved or missed so far, you will be fully empowered and ready to succeed as the opportunities appear in front of you.

You have all you need to create the life that you deserve and dream of, and the time to take action is now, not tomorrow or next week, but exactly now. The world needs you standing in your full power and potential. Reclaim it and dare to be the bright light so many need!



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