“Here and Now”: Keys to Release Anxiety, Fear and Guilt

We can connect with another version of ourselves that exists beyond our deepest fears. This version can live a heaven on earth, and is available right here and right now


Life is wonderful no matter the circumstances. We may have a hard time believing this can be possible, particularly when we are going through moments of anxiety, pain or fear. Reality is, we truly have the choice of appreciating and enjoying our lives at every step, just as it comes to us at every moment, or of allowing ourselves to be dragged by the shadow of negativity and suffering. The options are straightforward: expansion or contraction. And the most amazing part of this is that what separated both states is just a simple decision.

Sometimes fear, anxiety and guilt can manifest themselves in the body in such a way that they cause headaches, back pain, abdominal cramps, or even an uneven heart rate. It all starts with small signals in the body that we often ignore, and then turn into a snowball that can grow rapidly to the point that we may get numb to them. At the same time, the mind becomes trapped in a cycle of compulsive negative thinking, trying to change the uncomfortable past, or to find solutions to possibly challenging future scenarios. In many cases, the mind does not even find solutions, and only recreates possible scenarios that are not favorable, and that in general, never end up happening. After just a few hours, sometimes just minutes, of being trapped in these contractive thought patterns, the body’s chemistry begins to change. The emotion triggered by the thought generates a chemical reaction in the body, and sooner or later the cells end up receiving this mental and emotional contraction like a toxin, causing your vital energy and physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing to begin to decrease.

When days have passed in these types of contractive emotional states, your mood gets altered and begins to leave deep traces in our body and temperament. And if months go by, your personality may start taking a considerable turn.

The question at this point is: Is it worth cultivating a whole series of non-existent future images, or constantly reviewing the past that can no longer be changed? Is it worth to give space and energy to mental images that only lead us to pain and a state of suffering?

Addiction to negativity

Have you heard the phrase that says, “Resentment is like drinking poison, while waiting for somebody else to die from it”? That is what happens every time we let our negative thinking advance out of control: we are unconsciously making the decision to “poison” ourselves. As time goes by and we remain in this state, we can create such a degree of addiction to the toxic substances that the body generates, that we start attracting more circumstances that help us to continue experiencing that state, even without realizing it, and even if we consciously say to ourselves that we do not like it. We are ourselves bringing people, events, and situations that generate enough stress for us to continue the sequence over and over again.

Just pause for a moment to observe a pattern that has been wearing you down for years or decades, and allow yourself to see how certain types of personalities or certain events seem to manifest repeatedly around you, making those thoughts and emotions possible over, and over, and over again.

How do we stop this negative cycle?

What is important here is to realize that this compulsive and frenzy state of the mind takes us completely out of the present moment. It forces us to live in the past or in the present, none of which we can really change right now.  We can also realize that there is another version of ourselves that goes beyond our fears: a version that can live heaven on earth, and that is present here and now. An expansive state. This is not a state that we can reach just by focusing on obtaining an ideal that exists outside of us, but it is an innate state that we have lost or forgotten as we have grown up.

For this authentic, natural version of expansion to occur, and for us to reconnect with our true essence, we must be willing to cross the valley of illusions, false ideas, and fears that we have created about ourselves and about our reality. 

A great starting point for moving from contraction to expansion is the simple decision to connect with the present moment. It is becoming aware of what you are thinking, as if an observer were within you, a witness who manages to capture what you think, minute by minute. Something that can help you is to symbolize each thought with a color. If, for example, negative thoughts are gray, they will in turn bring up more thoughts of the same color. You can have some darker and some lighter tones of gray, but all will feel very similar. To get out of it, you must decide to change the color. You may want to try this by turning your attention to other, more positive things, events or people. If you are worried that you have not seen your loved ones for a long time, during this 2020 pandemic, or that the confinement is going to drive you nuts, you can move on to focus your attention on all the abundance that surrounds you. Research shows that gratitude, if practiced frequently, can start rewiring the brain within just 10 days. 

In other words, first observe exactly what you have in front of you, second, make a decision to change what happens inside of you, and third, connect to the energy of the heart by practicing gratitude. You can be thankful for having food, health, a family, a home. The very vibration of gratitude puts us in tune to bring more of what we want in our lives.

A simple micro-step before bedtime

The resting period is a stage from which we can take great advantage. During this time, the brain is no longer in waking mode, it disconnects from consciousness. It is precisely in these states of “no-mind” that we find the right ground for the necessary changes to occur within us. A healthy habit that you can start implementing right now, before bedtime, is to focus on your breath and allow yourself to feel gratitude for everything that happened in the day.

A key here is to allow yourself to feel gratitude, and not just to think about gratitude.  Each experience can then become an invitation to let your old self die, and to allow your true essence to resurface. Each event in your life will challenge you to stay in the present, and will invite you to be willing to let go of everything that no longer serves you, so that you can finally see the beautiful work of art that you are.



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