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New Program: Enciende tu Poder Interno - tu Vida Extraordinaria Comienza HOY!


More clarity around your goals

Effective stress management

Improved self-esteem

Clarity around your blocks

Improved communications

Higher effectiveness = extraordinary results





6 modules: includes 6 hours of webinars, worksheets and meditations. Estimated time to complete: 4 to 6 weeks. IN SPANISH.

Manifest extraordinary results in any area of your life, including your business, career and relationships. Create your life from your authentic, extraordinary powerful inner space.

MODULE 1: The science of extraordinary results

In this module we will explore the concept of changing your life from the inside-out through our scientific method, which includes observation and the immediate implementation of small steps, which will keep you on track towards your intention from day 1.

MODULE 2: Crisis as opportunities for change

There is no doubt that the world has changed. You can face this reality with fear or anxiety, or with full confidence, and from there uncover the existing opportunities. In this module we will explore specific techniques for consciously transitioning from a contracting state to an expanding one.

MODULE 3: Direct your thoughts to create your reality

In this module we will cover what you may have never heard before, or may not know how to do it: you have immense inner power to create the reality you desire, starting right now. You will see how you have blocked your own success and you will begin to take specific actions to initiate a change towards what you want to create in your life.

MODULE 4: Identify your limiting beliefs

We will dive into your limiting beliefs so you can be more aware of how they have directed your actions, and therefore, manifested the results that you have experienced so far. We will cover strategies to unlock your power so that you can more successfully manifest to your goals.

MODULE 5: Evaluate your progress and find your path again

In this module I will share innovative techniques to assess your progress and resume your path when you feel you have strayed. Everything from a conscious place and with techniques which are different from the traditional ones, and that leave guilt and regrets aside.

MODULE 6: The power of your words and of your internal dialogue

To end our series, in this module you will learn how the words you verbalize or what you say to yourself mark your path and your results. We will explore the words that most commonly lead you to a state of contraction or of expansion, so that you become aware of how your words can impact your life.

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“This is the most profound and effective program I have ever experienced in my life, in the area of personal development” - Hugo

“It has helped me expand and absorb innovative concepts and leadership skills” - Mónica

“These workshops gave me additional mental clarity, helped me understand where I am blocked, and where I need to work to overcome those obstacles” – Cristina

“These workshops helped me to discover who I am , as a person and as an entrepreneur, and to work on my discipline and action” – Ana Lupe


My name is Valeria Aloe and I am extremely happy to support you on your journey, with this information that I have refined over the last 20 years, and that has helped me find my own mission, manifest it in a tangible way, and guided me to achieve a fulfilled life in all areas, beyond my career and business. Today, this knowledge allows me to navigate with joy, tranquility and prosperity this unique planetary change that we are experiencing.

I am here to support you with all the tools that I incorporated in my path, which include a corporate career in multinational companies in 7 countries, my work with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the USA and Latin America, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a Master of Spiritual Sciences.

Thank you for this opportunity to support you on the path of creating the life you desire.


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