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How to Stay Balanced and Focused in a World That Won’t Stop

Life is not about constant stability, but about finding and creating our own balance It is common in Latin America to see jugglers at traffic lights, hoping they will make some money by sharing their polished skills. You can find anything there, from clowns, to dancers, to mummies, to acrobats. It’s like a full circus, at…

“Here and Now”: Keys to Release Anxiety, Fear and Guilt

We can connect with another version of ourselves that exists beyond our deepest fears. This version can live a heaven on earth, and is available right here and right now Life is wonderful no matter the circumstances. We may have a hard time believing this can be possible, particularly when we are going through moments of…

Acceptance and Cooperation: the Road to Overcome Sadness and Pain

Allowing ourselves to acknowledge what our body is experiencing, is the entryway to our inner self. One winter afternoon a man went out for a walk. When he returned home, he realized that he had left the window open, and that the strong wind that had come through it, had scattered some papers throughout the…

Keys for an Abundant Life While Going Through a Crisis

We can resist our new normal, or use that energy to uncover the available opportunities. When circumstances change around us, depending on the way we see life, we can go through them as a crisis or as a valuable opportunity. Living with a consciousness of scarcity is seeing the glass as half empty. We feel…

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