Who is

Valeria Aloe

The time for women and minorities is now.

Valeria Aloe

The world is waking up after centuries of giving our power away. For most of our lives, we believed that the solutions to our problems, such as difficulties in our relationships, or stagnation in our businesses or careers, was entirely outside of us. This brought us to a sense of paralysis where we experienced nothing but frustration, or we may have worked too hard to drive results that never manifested the way we wanted them to.

I am here to share information that you may not have received while growing up, or, if you heard about it, you never received a roadmap to implement it on a day-to-day basis and make changes in your life. Every step in my life has been a preparation for what we are experiencing now, and I am thrilled that the moment of reconnecting with our immense creative power has arrived.

Breaking through limiting beliefs

I had the privilege, and the challenge, of being the first in the family to break through paradigms and achieve goals that no one had ever accomplished before. From becoming the first one to attend College, leaving my hometown and working full time to pay for my studies, to becoming the first one to work for multinational companies, to be fully bilingual, to move to a foreign country, to obtain an MBA (Master in Business) and the first woman in the history of my family to open my own company with clients in the USA and Latin America.

Being the first one was not easy, since I never had the expert guidance of other family members or friends. However, my journey of experimenting and learning was full of opportunities to overcome paradigms and reinvent myself at every step, achieving extraordinary results that I could have never dreamed of achieving during my childhood and adolescence.

A moment of truth.

Motivated by my progress, I dedicated more than two decades of my life to a successful corporate career that led me to work with 7 countries, occupying leadership positions in companies such as Procter & Gamble, Citibank and Reckitt Benckiser. I focused so fully in my career that other areas of my life eventually started to feel the consequences, particularly my health. What on the outside looked like an enviable successful life, on the inside was a life devoid of direction and true meaning.

In 2016, I suffered a burnout that radically affected my life, and prompted me to embark fully on a mission of discovering a method to achieve a fulfilled life in all areas, beyond work and career. In this journey of experimentation and studies, I consolidated techniques and tools that helped me discover, clarify and manifest my true life purpose, opening doors to extraordinary achievements, but this time, without sacrifices or excessive efforts.

Serving my community.

Today, I share this valuable information through Conscious Abundance: a practical and at the same time profound system, based on research, that generates extraordinary results, from the inner self, in all areas of life. In recent years, I brought this information to hundreds of entrepreneurs and professional with whom I have worked in 5 countries.

A lover of continuous learning, I am a Bachelor of Business Administration and Public Accountant from the Universidad Católica Argentina, I have an MBA from the prestigious The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and I am pursuing a Master of Spiritual Science at the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy.

Extraordinary RESULTS

from the Self

I am here to guide you to discover, clarify and manifest your purpose with extraordinary results. My methodology is all about working together to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, self-imposed barriers to success, as well as behavior patterns that, often unconscious, have been holding you back from achieving what you long for. Through small, yet profound actionable steps, you will create visible changes without sacrifices, and with less effort and resources than you are used to. I invite you to join me in this adventure of living heaven on earth.

Specific benefits you will get from working with me:

Increased clarity regarding your goals and purpose

Thoughts and emotions aligned to help you succeed

Energy focused with a conscious direction

Creation of a specific roadmap to success

Time and physical, mental and emotional efficiencies

Immediate implementation through small steps

Identification of sabotage patterns

Overcoming limitations and blocks to success

Redefinition of internal and external communication

Tangible and extraordinary achievements